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16 May

Adirondac Chair and Purpl FieldSurvival. A simple word with many variations both in meaning and impact. It is so simple. It is so complicated. The destination is extraordinary.

Life is the present that greets me every day. It is a precious gift wrapped in a kaleidoscope of every color, texture, it is bright, shiny, and wrapped with a huge bow!

May 16th, I mark another year of living with cancer and surviving. This joyous celebration is the 4th year of my surviving leukemia. I am undergoing treatment including daily chemo. It is never easy. But, the payoff is remarkable.

Life is a priceless gem.  Most of us don’t even see the big picture of our own lives or take the time to treasure its fullness. Take a deep breath and feel your life. Every ounce of its richness. All of the depths of friendship, loving deeply, and sharing all of your hearts delights with all those you love.

I have many dates of celebration. I cherish each and every one of them! For almost a quarter of a century, I have traveled with cancer, and its life changing effects as my constant companion.

Lesli 1990 Chemo A Bright Spirit

Lesli 1990 Chemo
A Bright Spirit

It has been a remarkable road trip my “passenger” traveler, and I have shared.  “We” have wandered, toured, explored, and sought out every adventure within every nook, cranny, and back road of a body challenged. Always at the ready to meet anything and everything in our path. Facing it head on.

Although, we travel together, I am the fighting spirit with the strength of a warrior battling ever vigilant against any malignant cells.

In July, I celebrate the monumental milestone of 24 years of surviving the first of three cancers.  In August, I will  again mark another date of survival. This one is for my leukemia’s close kissin’ cousin, lymphoma.

I keep having these “new-life-begins-and-glorious life continues” days of celebration – mostly because I adore cake!!

You read that right.  It might seem frivolous……connecting the beauty of life to cake …….but, if it’s devil’s food, red velvet, white, marble, spice or a delectable butter pound cake, it is the perfect analogy to living. Life, at it’s simplest, honest, and most basic definition, is perfectly delicious, sweet, and always satisfying.

I LOVE cake. I am a cake-ophile! Anytime is the right time for cake. Over the years, I have accumulated all of these many days to celebrate, delighting in the joys of those I love, while soaking in every ray of life’s golden light. I have proudly reached every goal and challenge amassing these victorious days of life – glittering like the shiny medals on a Colonel’s chest!

Auntie Lesli's  Extraordinary Cake Created By Denise Karr

Auntie Lesli’s
Extraordinary Cake
Created By Denise Karr

I gather each and every one of these days like delicately decorated pastel colored Easter eggs. The abundance of gratitude overflowing to the brim of a beautiful basket filled with delicious delicacies.

Every single day is special and unique. It is the purest of blessings to mark another day of surviving. Life is good. I am blessed.

Every day is a gift.

Lesli's Surviving Spirit 2014

Lesli’s Surviving Spirit




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  1. Michele May 17, 2014 at 11:58 pm #

    What a beautiful testimony to your fight for life. I only met you a short time ago, and immediately knew there was something so very special about you, yet I had no idea what it was. Your story is amazing and your spirit even stronger, You are able to see and find the love, peace & beauty that life can bring, all the while fighting cancer for so many years….truly amazing. You are a gift to all those who know you. I love this blog. So inspirational & a joy to read….thank you

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