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05 February
The Colorful Shades Of Spring

The Colorful Shades Of Spring

Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. I begin looking and hunting almost right after Christmas, gazing for those tender, sweet, precious, and glorious buds on the barren spindly boughs and limbs of the trees. I watch carefully and with the attention of a small child at the window, waiting to go out and play. Hoping for that golden moment when I see the tiny new growth of nature’s fireworks of every shade of green that could fill ones imagination.

Although it is just February, and the official start of spring doesn’t arrive until March 22nd — I am a romantic optimist. I see the coming of nature’s new life and rebirth everywhere I turn.

Living in California, our seasons aren’t as pronounced or defined as the rest of the country. We can see almost anything in nature all year around – either real or in the magic colorful memories of springs past.

A birch tree is a deciduous hardwood. It's beauty is it's simplicity.

A birch tree is a deciduous hardwood. Its beauty is in its simplicity.

From the window of my office, I have several wonderful birch trees that are now embarrassed in their nakedness, while they await their spring plumage. Soon they will sprout and rapidly grow their graceful delicate foliage. The common name for “birch” means “bright, white, and to shine.” In the magnificence of the winter they are a treasure to behold. I, too, am eager for the coming of spring, and the newness it brings to all.

Spring has a very special healing significance to me. When I was recovering from the surgery and chemotherapy from my first cancer, I was bedridden during this time for nine months.

th_FrontDoorPaintedHunterGreenBeforeClIn our master bedroom was a standard wooden door to the outside that was timeworn and weather-beaten. Years before I had it painted a beautiful deep Hunter green to accent the color of our house. The door was old and laden with the comings and goings of its year’s of use. It looked rather pitiful. But, it proudly stood guard over the entrance to our home on the backyard side. It was adorned with a shiny new white screen door. It allowed me from my bed the view of the birds as they went about their daily activities and joyous serenades.

I would lie in bed and look out the door at the very small universe I was now living in. It was the most glorious sight I could ever imagine.

Time moved very slowly those nine months. I reveled in each and every minuscule step in my healing. I watched as the seasons changed gloriously appreciating Mother Nature’s brilliance.

As spring arrived, I, too, was experiencing the awakening and rebirth as my body healed. I watched as the trees and flowers began to bloom taking on the many shades and colors of life.

I had been like that worn door that protected our home. I had withstood time, weathered my all adversities, and now, I,  was shining as spring began anew.


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