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14 February
The Love Of My Life

The Love Of My Life

This morning at 3:53 AM my beloved husband, Arnie, gave me his daily Valentine of love. He turned over in a sleepy manner, so familiar in a comfortable marriage, and simply said, “I love you.” It came from the quiet depths of his heart. He is the beautiful gift and joy of my life.

Every day in our home, in our hearts, and with every moment we share, is Valentine’s Day. I am blessed and very fortunate. So is Arnie. It takes a lifetime to find the right pairing, spouse, best friend or mate. Whatever it is you call your partner. Many people are never lucky enough to find that special lifelong match. He is the very best husband and I appreciate every second.

I have been blessed with the love of this man who adores me. He laughs at every joke or nonsense statement I make. No matter what, he always laughs at my silly statements or spitfire quips. He then says, “You clown!” It is said with the spirit of someone who appreciates me for my very own free spirit, finding it sublimely ridiculous, as he enjoys the playfulness of the moment we are sharing.

This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and all the ones we love.

valentineThe heart is such a wonderful, magnificent and mysterious part of our lives. It has the ability to stretch as wide as the universe. It is giving, open, and never turns away for the chance to share or give. It is intimate and quiet. It is loud and boisterous.

It is tender as a child’s tiny hand when it holds yours. The heart, with all of its ability to love, is life’s greatest joy and gift.

At this special time, make someone’s Valentine’s Day memorable and heartfelt. Not with roses, or chocolates, or great big cards that shout out your love.

Try something simple with a quiet gesture from the depths of your heart to theirs. Give all  thoses special ones you love a phone call – go old school – share with them the honesty, and openness of your own loving heart.

It is a gift that will be remembered long after the roses wilt and the chocolates are nothing but a memory.

There is nothing more joyous than the gift of love. Love goes both ways and you will be giving yourself something special, too! What a wonderful surprise.

Reach out, take a minute and say, “I Love You.”’

Will you be my Valentine?


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