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24 February
Uncomplicated Pants

Uncomplicated Pants

This morning, as I was dressing for the day, I noticed something I think is a singularly human peculiarity. I am right handed. When I put on my pants, slacks, trousers, or any two-legged piece of clothing, I always place my right leg in first.

It is just a silly observation to start the day off with an inquisitive giggle.

Later in the day, when I changed clothes into my “soft-clothes,” I tried, curiously again to see which leg I would choose. Soft clothes are the ones you look forward to slipping into all day. Many times they are your motivator to get home or even stay home all day. Your favorite sweatshirt, sweat pants, or love-worn jeans. It is your “uniform” for being at home, running errands, or even just accomplishing being the best couch potato on the planet.

My uniform is an aged denim shirt with a mandarin collar. I can dress it up with a turtleneck tee or a thermal shirt underneath. I grace it with a pair of jeans from before the turn of the 21st Century.

Earlier in the day, having made this crucial leg revelation about my unconscious right-legged motor skill, I decided to be empirical a little further with more research.

How tough is it to put your left leg into your pants?  I attempted the feat with the ease of a gazelle. I almost took a tumble as I hopped around the room, unbalanced, as the pants dangling here and there. Apparently, my balance had taken a holiday.

Ridiculous, I told myself. This is silly. It is a pair of pants, and I have been dressing myself since kindergarten!  kindergarten_1

What is the deal here? Is my brain playing a joke on me because it knows I love a good laugh? Seriously?

I tried again and again during the next several times I dressed. It was impossible. I realized, I am simply a right-legged, first-legger.

Now here is the kicker. Are you ready for this one?

Every time I dress, I always put my sock and shoe on my left foot first! The complete  opposite of pants!

Stripped Socks

Pay attention the next time you dress. Give it a try.

You will amaze yourself at how simple and complicated putting on your very own pants and shoes can be!


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