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28 April

 A Baffling Difference Between The Sexes

130426 Pillows

Glorious Pillows Galore!

The largest unseen, unknown, unexplained and gravitation force of energy in the universe is the pull of women to their decorative pillows.

It is one of the most mysterious phenomenons of the world. It might even be the biggest mystery and secret of the world. The DaVinci code, nothing.  Stonehenge, easy. The Pyramids, simply, brought here by Aliens. The original Spam that comes in the can – not e-mail, well, that one is a mystery meat and will always remain an enigma.

Spam What Is It?

What Is It?

The Pillow obsession and love affair seemingly is an inherent syndrome and affliction, significantly singular, but not exclusive to women. To men it might be the biggest and most baffling different between the sexes. Men are from Mars and Women are in Home Goods.  

Pillows, they come large, medium or small.  Rectangular, square, or rounded.  Tasseled, laced, ruffled, corded, printed with stripes, geometric centric circles, wild animal prints, cats, dogs, butterflies, flowers of every hue and genus, and every imaginable depiction of nature. Or heaven forbid a solid color!

What is this uncontrollable urge to fluff and plump? Are these decorative additions to a room or added appendages to dumbfound every male on the planet?

We women love our pillows. We shop, hunting and scouring the internet, searching the home departments in our favorite stores to find “just the right one.” When we find the right match for the right location, we exclaim with glee, “Oh. That’s perfect. It is just what I wanted.” 

Our search never ends though. We are continuously on the hunt for the perfect accessory for the perfect place to “perk up” or change the nuance of the room.

With the ease of a cool calming breeze, women can fill every square inch of a bedroom, living room or a house with glorious colors, textures, fabrics, all silky, satiny, every luster and patina to pillow perfection.



The “easy” chair that can’t be found beneath the massive mounds of pillows is not an urban myth.

Every man has encountered the moment when he wants to “plop” into his voluptuous, thought-numbing, lounging chair of comfort and rest, only to have “The Decorative Diva Police” shout………”Wait!!! The pillows!”  

What is this obsession with “fluff? It is simply incomprehensible and inexplicably absurd to most men. Isn’t a chair or a couch just a place to sit?

Is There a Chair Under All That?

To a woman the perfect position of a pillow is sensuously eye-pleasing, makes the room, sets the stage or mood, and highlights their personalities. A pillow can reflect her spirit, her life’s energy and caring for her loved ones.

A beautiful decorative pillow is a gift of love and a warm welcome to a loving home.

Next time you visit someone’s home; take a moment, to notice the pillows thrown perfectly here and there. You will be surprised at how much you learn.

Welocome! Come Sit A Spell...

Come Sit A Spell…


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