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11 June
The Beauty Of Simplicity

The Beauty Of Simplicity

Simplicity: Is defined as the state, quality, or instance of being simple. In addition, it is freedom from complexity, intricacy, absence of luxury, pretentiousness, directness, and honesty.

Simply, simple. Ahhhhhh. Divine.

In today’s world where we live our lives, we travel at the speed of light. We multi-task, talk on the phone, text, even as we check our e-mail.

The whole house DVR system is up and running, as we travel from one room to the next, making sure we don’t miss a second of our favorite re-run of Law and Order. For the one hundredth time.

At any given time of day or night, one of these episodes from the very successful franchise series is playing on my own TV. I couldn’t stand to be in the house without the familiar and comforting sound of the ching-ching theme song.

I am a child of the ’50’s, raised during the glorious golden years of television. We were there at its beginning.  I am, a card-carrying member of the early days of the television-era.  For us, television was not a baby-sitter as a future generation of children would experience. But, as observers of this new history making medium of communication.

I am a purist. I am an undeniable, unapologetic TV addict, and adoring fan. It is my simple  pleasure. Television viewing is for me, like breathing in and breathing out. A living organism that has its own history, stories to tell, and always a surprise or  two around the corner!

Unconsciously (not my mental state, thank you!), and continuously, it plays on “in the background” of my life.  A sound that bring the very simple pleasure of comfort to this television-raised era author.

Simple. It is such a wonderful and powerful word all at the same time. Sometimes it is easy to forget how amazing simple can be. A single glance from a loved one. A smile from a friend. A surprise phone call from someone special. A Krispy Kreme doughnut. The cheerful lilting laugh of a child at play.

Simply, simple. So easy, and yet so many of us don’t prioritize our days to include these glorious moments of time.

Time is the most valuable commodity we have. For ourselves, and for those we love.

Simple moments of time are rich. These moments are full of every possibility imaginable.

It is the gift we give ourselves. Take a moment and enjoy the beauty of simply, simple.

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