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01 August


The Heart With All Its Glorious Colors

The Heart With All Its Glorious Colors

Lately, I have given a lot of thought to our magnificent heart with its tremendous capabilities to love, stretch with generosity, and grow to meet any of our own life’s expectations along the journey of our lives.

It is such an amazing part of our being.  And, yet  how often do we really stop and think about the importance of this vastly mysterious, and yet vital part of ourselves?

From a purely medical perspective: “The human heart is an organ that provides a  continuous blood circulation throughout the cardiac system, and is one of the most vital organs of the human body. It is really nothing more than a pump composed of muscle which is the engine of life.”

The Pump  That Keeps Us Going

The Pump
That Keeps Us Going

This is certainly very simplistic stuff when breaking down our glorious hearts to just “‘nuts and bolts.”  There is no question of its high priority of  importance in our lives and to our survival. It is the system that literally runs our lives. It provides us with precious life, without our even giving it a thought or a glance.  It is our life force. 

But, it is so much more this little pump of ours. It is much, much more!  It is, in many ways, the definition of who we are as individuals. Our heart plays a very flexible role in our lives.

We hear people speak of friends who are “big-hearted,”  “warm-hearted,” and even “a heart as big as all outdoors.”  The heart knows no boundaries. We are capable of such giving and openness that anything is possible.

How wonderful to tune in and listen to the inner voice of our heart’s desires. To give ourselves the permission to open up our hearts to allow its natural instincts of love. Our lives would be enriched beyond anything even imaginable. 

Any opportunity to love is a gift we quietly give ourselves. We should learn to accept this wonderful gift of joy and simply say, thank you, to this generous and giving place within us.

In my own life, I have the privilege of loving many people all at the same time. My heart knows no limits.  I was fortunate as a child to learn and understand that the heart is a place of great happiness. It is boundless in its ability to invite in many of those people that are special to us, and who we love.

My beloved husband, Arnie, holds the biggest part of my heart and will always take “center stage” as long as I live. He is the loving grace that holds me tight, encircling me with his safety and generous outpouring of love for me.

I, in return, hold him as my greatest love and trust him with my heart. We share a togetherness that is endless.

He is my heart’s personal favorite, and mine, too!

 Two Hearts Beating  As One

Two Hearts Beating
As One

I envision our hearts having many compartments to be filled to the brim with many loving individuals from our lives who share in the loving giving of love. The heart’s capacity is immeasurable.

We just need to give ourselves the permission to love. We need to understand that sharing all the love we can pack into this precious space gives us joy.

And, all of those around us share in this joy.

The heart is flexible, expandable, and loves the company of many hearts. The generous spirits of those we have come to love and share our lives with.

For many, the thought of only loving “one” is the only thing they know or have every considered.

I believe the heart is a vast chamber filled with numerous boxes like cubby holes waiting to be filled with as many kinds of pure love that can be packed into a loving heart!

Why not try? Is there anything to lose in loving more, giving more and sharing more?

Open your heart to this wonderful experience filled with every possibility. Let all the warmth of love come flowing in.

Loving only enhances this glorious journey we call life. Consume every ounce of  life’s gusto, open yourself to every new heart-warming experience, and especially embrace the love that surrounds you.


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