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15 September
Chimes with Trees Up Angle

Always A Joyful Note

The Sweetness Of A New Day

When I awoke this morning, it was to the sounds of the melodically friendly, sweet, lighthearted, and lovely sounds of my various wind chimes.

I am in love with wind chimes. I love each and every one of them with their varying personalities, attitudes and individual spirits.  Their joyous tinkling always brings happiness to me and a smile to brighten my very own spirits.

Purple chimes

The Gentle Grace Of Chimes

Wind chimes are like friends; each and every one is different, all special, shiny and bright, and as individual as each other. Each with  their own unique charm, charisma, and always a golden treasure to behold and enjoy.

This particular morning the winds had kicked up to greet the day adding a symphony of harmoniously softness through the many chimes that grace my balconies and deck.

I smiled immediately. It was a quiet and delighted little smile. It was a smile of inner peacefulness with the pleasure of knowing the day was anew again.

I lay comfortably and snugly in my bed after a generous night’s rest. I had traveled through dreamland on gossamer wings, roaming many paths of unknown journeys. I had slept the deep sleep of a child secure within the safety of their world. A renewing and healing sleep.

Bright chimes with foliage

Life’s Glorious Tapestry

As I awoke, I thought of the coming of this new day. It was a day like every other day. Open to any and all possibilities. Unlimited, filled with freedom and life’s spirited energy.

Every day for each of us is an endless opportunity to experience, to touch, deliciously taste, and to open up every one of our senses.  Every new day brings with it the promise of vibrant colors, textures, while adding vast adventures to our very own brilliant tapestry that is our lives.

The glory of each and every day is a gift of  a blank canvas just waiting for us to fill in with our own amazing moments.

With each brand new dawn we are given the gift of  making new memories along this journey of ours. We are open to immeasurable delights!

Today is your  life.

Take the time to appreciate all that you have and the wonders around you.

Embrace the journey!

Enjoy Every Moment!!

Remember To  Gift Yourself !

Remember To
Gift Yourself !


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2 Responses to “EVERY DAY IS A GIFT”

  1. LaRita S. October 19, 2013 at 5:14 am #

    Reading this brings pure joy! It is a delightful lyrical experience to share the birth of a new day through your eyes, ears and heart! May your spirit continue to sing and dance, and make melodious incantations even from the discords of life. I am honored to know you.

  2. Lesli February 25, 2014 at 7:37 pm #

    Thank you so much. The coming of Spring with the promise of all that is new and glorious is one of my favorite Gifts in this life!
    Seeing every little detail around you, and living in the moment is the Gift you give YOURSELF!

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