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The Silence Of Loss

16 October
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The Beauty Of Nature

The loss of a loved one is so very silent.

It is felt in your heart as loudly as a roaring freight train. And, yet, in so many other ways, it is as quiet, and still as the darkest of nights.

Loss is deep and personal. It is felt differently by each and every one of us left behind.

It can be a lonely place. A time to reflect on our own lives, those we love, and cherish. And, those we have lost.

Death makes us feel vulnerable. Even if only for a fleeting moment, like the wisp of a breeze. When the loss is unexpected, stunning us with its devastating suddenness, it is unimaginable.  The trauma we feel spreads through us like a wild fire. Life, so vital and vibrant one minute, then unthinkably, and easily extinguishable in the next second.

Spring buds with blue sky

Renewal And New Beginnings

Loss reminds us how precious life is. It is delicate and beautiful. It is the amazing sight of nature as it begins anew each spring. It is the promise of new beginnings. We watch in awe as gloriously tender new leaves unfurl on a strong, and deeply rooted tree. It is timeless. It reminds us how the cycle of life continues with ease, and the wondrous whisper of what’s to come.

Life is an endless spirit that fills us with joy. We share our lives with many wonderful people along our own life’s private road.

We are blessed by each one’s special presence or uniqueness. They bring to our lives colors, textures, delights, and the depth of their life’s experiences enriching our own. Each individual we cross paths with in our lives, decorate our time together as wonderful as a complex mosaic.

And yet, it is knowing the loss of this comfort and connection with someone special that finds a  deep, painful place in the depth of our hearts. This sorrow is impossible to understand. This loss knows no immediate solace.

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A Garden Created From Love

It is the time to remember moments shared. The tenderness of their soul and their love of every gift from nature. The grace of growing the bounty from the Earth.

It is a time to smile at remembered jokes, making playful fun of one another, laughing at life’s surprises, and cherished moments. To revel in their creative abilities, caring ways, and gentleness.

I will remember the gifts of life’s shared experiences and many years of making memories.

Life is the most precious of gifts. I was blessed to have shared the time we had – even if it were too short.

Soon, I will plant a Flowering Plum Tree in my front yard to honor my friend. It is one of nature’s most beautiful trees. I will watch it grow from a sapling to a beautifully strong,  proud, and solid tree.

It is a reminder of the gift of life.

In Honor Of Life's Gifts

In Honor Of
Life’s Gifts


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2 Responses to “The Silence Of Loss”

  1. David William Gibbons October 24, 2013 at 8:33 am #

    Beautiful and real. Thank you.

  2. Lesli February 25, 2014 at 7:30 pm #

    Thank you. May you always carry the strength of a Grand Lion. I love you.

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