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The Gift Of Thanksgiving: The True Meaning Of Family

27 November

 The True Meaning Of Family

Nature's Bounty

Nature’s Bounty

Thanksgiving. The trees are coming to the end of the year’s life-cycle, and they are shedding their final leaves in a bright kaleidoscope of nature’s showy dance of color, along with its silent beauty.

It is Mother Nature at her most dynamic moment. To me, it is one of the most glorious times of the year.

I love Thanksgiving – it is my favorite Holiday. The wondrous aromas fill the house with the smells of every delicious morsel being baked, roasted or simmered, overflowing every one of our senses.  It reminds us of the simple pleasures of gatherings past and present. And, most importantly, thoughts of those special people in our lives that mean so much to us.

I believe our true and real families are those people we surround ourselves with who support us, show us honest compassion, share with us our joys and sorrows, and exchange unconditional love.

These loving people are the definition of a pure family. We nurture and cherish these special bonds with those wonderful people we hold dear.

They share our lives because they want to be a part of our lives – not out of a sense of obligation, or heritage. These special relationships and connectedness have the simple purity of a child.  

I call these people in my life, “Love Hearts.”  The heart is the greatest of all stretchy places. It can hold an immeasurable amount of love for so many. This great love of varying kinds, shapes, and depths is truly a miraculous gift we give ourselves. The heart has an amazing capacity.

At this time of Thanksgiving, our hearts are overfilled with its bounty, and good fortune.

This year, my thoughts turn to the enormity of my very own gratitude and giving of thanks. I am most grateful this year.

My “Love Heart” bank is filled to the brim. I am very lucky to have those I love share in my challenges and deep struggles.


All My Precious
“Love Hearts”

This year I faced the most difficult time of my life. While coping with chemotherapy, and the devastating, invasive body ravishing of radiation —  I was not alone.

My “Love Hearts” have always shined bright and strong for me. These loved ones never wavered in sharing their strength and cheering me on.

Most importantly, I am blessed to have the love of my life, by my side, every step of my life. His is a special love.

This year, I have been by his side, as he has taken every little step along his journey transforming into the bionic man with two hip replacements in seven months time!

Arnie "Mr. Magnificent"

“Mr. Magnificent”

To me, he is, “Mr. Magnificent!” He possesses incomprehensible quiet strength and courage.

I have the gift of this gentle man’s true spirit of love. He fills me every day with never-ending, enormous, and exponentially growing love.

He is my greatest blessing. I give thanks every minute of the day to this man who understands me, laughs at my jokes, and always has a hand reaching out to pull me up.

To every one of my special “Love Hearts” I say thank you from the depths of my heart. I carry your love with me every day like a priceless treasure.

Traditionally at Thanksgiving we see the cornucopia spilling with the fruits of nature’s bounty. It serves to symbolize the abundance and plenty of life’s goodness and fulfillment.

My heart is filled with the bounty of love and thankfulness.

Fill your life with the bounty of your loved ones!

Cornucopia Of Wealth

Life’s Cornucopia Of Love

Happy Thanksgiving !

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