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24 December
The Tradiion of Christmas

The Tradiion of Christmas

This glorious time of year is at its fevered pitch as we start this new day. It is  Christmas Eve. And, in an instant it will be Christmas.

The Holiday planning, the excited expectations of the young and old, that special “Christmas-feel” crackles, and sparkles in the air.

We are all children at heart at this time of year. It is a time overfilling with bright colors, glitter, the warmth of friendship, reflections of twinkling lights in windows shining brightly as any star in the sky. There is magic in the air.

It is a time our hearts are generous, we are filled with happy spirit as we share golden times with those we love. We are making memories for a lifetime.

gty_christmas_presents_jef_111128_wgWe shop or create simple pleasures for our families, friends, colleagues, and even the mailman! We gather new treasures for those we love, it is a time of sharing, being together, perhaps a time of personal reflection, feeling our own true spirit, and honesty within our  own hearts.

Christmas, with it’s meaning and importance is defined by each of us individually. It is as unique to each of us as every single glistening snowflake, and yet we all share in its delight!

Christmas is magic moments, the wide-eyed wonders of children, the happiness brought to an elderly relative or friend, as we listen, share, and value their stories from past Christmases still so fresh and alive.

Christmas is Tinkerbell flitting here, and there, spreading her magic dust!

It is a season many of us wait the whole year for its arrival. We look forward to each and every endless possibility that we are open to with the coming of the New Year.

Every New Year brings each of us a blank slate, an empty palette just waiting for us to fill in the colors, textures, adventures, our own meaningful contributions of time, energy, and dimension to our lives.

We are renewed. We are feeling the stirrings of possibilities of what can be, and what we will do with this fresh start. It is the time when we all start with blank pages in a calendar at the ready for anything we want to accomplish!

We can reach out into the galaxy to touch the universe, we can experience the beauty of shooting stars, meteorites as they soar by, and we are filled with their glowing energy as they drift to earth.

We will be unstoppable with the coming of the New Year!

Each and everyone of us is capable of great things. We can thrive, we can love more, share more, and continue the generous spirit of Christmas all through the year.

I wish each and every one of you a Merry Christmas, and a joyous Holiday season.

Happy New Year! Take this wonderful gift of opportunity to create something special on your very own bright and shiny new canvas.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Every Day Is a Gift.




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