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The Best Is Yet To Come

The Best Is Yet To Come: 2014

31 December
New Beginings

New Beginnings

Unbelievably, it’s that time again!

Every twelve months it comes around, as if it’s the last surprise package of the Holiday season!

We know it’s coming, and yet, it arrives with a blink of an eye.

It is the end of another year.

We say good-bye to another year that seems to have flown by with break-neck speed, thundering through the sound barrier, moving faster than a speeding bullet, and even faster than Mr. Supersonic Speed himself, Superman.

Every year, it seems each year travels faster and faster. A month seems to have only three weeks in it – then with a snap of your finger, a month now feels like it’s only two weeks long!

What a majestic magic trick. Sometimes, I wonder, if Mother Earth herself spins faster and faster, every year, too!


We Write Our Own Stories

The ending of another year completes a single chapter in our very own personal journal of life.

The year may have been filled with triumphs, joyous and glorious in its happiness, many successes, set-backs, disappointments, and maybe even the challenge of your lifetime. But, it was all  yours. Always leading you to a new place of wonderment, new experiences and adding texture to your life.

But, amazingly, the ending of one year, gives way to the magnificence of new beginnings. A fresh New Year unfurls before us with an endless array of experiences, we are capable of anything, open to new ideas, making new friends, loving more and deeper, conquering every and all opportunities, seeing all the possibilities, and adventures unimaginable.

Every New Year begins as a blank slate to each and every one of us. It is there for the taking, the making, and the giving. We have the energy to make our very own ripples on the pages of our lives. We can thrive and accomplish as many dreams and goals as we can imagine! It is endless.

NewDayEach and every New Year is a glorious beginning filled with hope and excitement. Greet this New Year with all the openness that is in your heart. It will greet you back, and isn’t that a great surprise gift after all!

A Very Happy New Year To All Of You!

Every Day Is A Gift!

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