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21 February

GIVE THE GIFT OF LIFEIt has been a great challenge and quite a twist and turning journey to get to the place of healing, the magical place filled with the top cancer experts, specialists, and scientists in the world. The City Of Hope.

Lesli COH Purple

The Warm Welcome Of
The City Of Hope

I believe it is not a coincidence that it’s name reflects the golden standard for all those who are critically ill.  HOPE. We need to embrace it wholeheartedly, and hold it close in order to survive, and thrive.


Healing Hearts
Of Care And Knowledge

The men and women who are associated with The City Of Hope , professionals one and all, are filled will “soft-centered” hearts!

They truly care about YOU.  I have finally ended my search for a place that knows cancer, believes in the science of healing, the power of listening, honest compassionate  empathy, and a deep dedication to those who have come for treatment.

Patient, Caregiver, and Family-Members alike, all are important in the process of getting well. All those who come to The City Of Hope are welcomed with an open caring heart that offers understanding, vision, and the willingness to find the solution. It is truly a family.

This past week, I started a year long course of daily chemotherapy.  To fight and treat the rare T-Cell leukemia; while Hopefully, at the same time managing the T-Cell lymphoma that has become enraged within my body, causing much pain, discomfort, and adding to my compounding challenges.

Lesli's Labs City Of Hope

Lesli’s Labs
City Of Hope

Now, the hard work begins. The cost will be great. To me, both physically and financially. The immeasurable  costs of the treatment, care, and life saving measures are devastating.

My physical body is now engulfed and overridden by the millions of invading deadly cancerous cells flowing freely, leisurely in my body, seizing, and destroying. But, my will to survive, and get well again is even greater.

It is my determination, and the sweet, stubborn, “hard-headed little girl” that lives in my heart, who will never give up!

This struggle to succeed is worth every ounce of effort. I will give it my all.  Life is filled with a new surprise around each corner. I do not want to miss one delicious moment.

These adventures are what make life joyous, our lives are filled at every turn with endless possibilities. Immeasurable opportunities are there to reach out and touch.

Living life is amazing.

Lesli's Chemo Purple-y  Healing Isolated Retreat

Lesli’s Purple
Healing Isolated Retreat

But, now, this is the struggle of my life’s battle with the three cancers that have traveled with me for so long. I’ve experienced many valuable moments during my excursion of strength, struggle, courage, and enlightenment along this life’s road of mine. This is the challenge of my life. I am a survivor. I will thrive.

I need your help.

Please Help, Lesli, BEAT these two Life-Threnthening Rare Blood Cancers.
Lesli began a ONE year daily course of chemotherapy and treatment at the renowned Cancer Research Foundation and Hospital…The City Of Hope. A Fund has been established to FINANCIALLY HELP, LESLI. Keeping up with the raising cost of insurance, out of pocket costs, and general over all medical expenses, she can’t do it alone.YOU CAN MAKE THE DIFFERENCE!

To help, please contact KTharpe@CommunityWestBank.com

For mail-in donations: 
Lesli Moore Dahlke c/o Kimberly Tharpe, Customer Service Manager
Community West Bank
951 S. Westlake Blvd, Westlake Village, CA 91362
(805) 494-5172

(805) 679-6571 Fax

Thank you, for your help. Lesli is always there for everyone else….Now it is her time for us to give to this wonderful giving woman, filled with her joyous life spirit she so willingly shares. She needs our help in this her time of great devastating need.

With deep heartfelt appreciation and gratitude, we thank you.
Please Share With All Your networks, and Help Lesli!


IThe Serenity Of The Bamboo Garden At  The City Of Hope

The Serenity Of
The Bamboo Garden At
The City Of Hope

 Every Day Is A Gift. Live it!


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