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Help an American Who Served in Vietnam

05 March

by Tim King – Salem-News.com
I took the same danger… while bringing to the soldiers a welcomed visit from home.

(SALEM) – When I first met Lesli Moore Dahlke, I was duly impressed. Here is a Vietnam Veteran who didn’t serve in the Marines, or the Army, but the USO. She was bathed in Agent Orange, the chemical the USA used to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam, and murder its best. Each time she visited another forward combat base, she was contaminated again, and again…

Lesli is a Salem-News.com writer, one of our best and brightest. We said goodbye recently to David Bedworth, a Vietnam Vet Marine officer who died from complications connected to his military service, I’m done with this, I don’t want to add another candle to our writer bios for a long time, so please help Lesli because she doesn’t ask for much, she mainly only gives, but now she needs our collective help.

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