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28 April
Spring's Renewal Is Amazing With Its Beauty

Spring’s Renewal Is Amazing With Its Beauty

SPRING is my favorite time of year. It isn’t a secret, I write about this overwhelmingly beautiful time of Nature’s bounty, often, and with love. It s a time when I personally feel alive and whole again.

It is a time of excitement when everything begins anew, offering gifts for our senses, enjoyment, and simple amazement at the grandeur of Mother Nature’s creativity.

Nature and the Earth is at its finest in Spring, as it brings to the months of March, April, May, and June a fresh clean slate with unimaginable drama and unfolding surprises!

This season is filled with colors, textures, and heavenly aromas to fill our souls with lightness and put a bounce in our step.

We take these offerings and build our own life’s tapestries of memories and intricate details. It is a time, we, too, can be alive with the endless possibilities of the new.

We wait all winter long for the beginnings of these treasures to behold.  With each new spring, I am never ready for the glorious show Mother Nature and the Earth shares with us.

English Field Awash In Shadows Photo Courtesy of David William Gibbons

English Field Awash In Shadows
Photo Courtesy of
David William Gibbons

She is the Grand Master, like, Monet, using light on color to instantly convey the beauty of a stunning English field, with its tenderness, and the simplicity of a magnificent tree standing in its stillness of strength and fortitude. This is the enormity of  Nature’s power and simple gifts of life.

Nature is as diverse as a Van Gogh using colors for the expressive and emotional reaction it stirs within us. Deep within each layer of color is another shade peeking out for us to discover. 

Green is the color of nature.  A cavalcade of green envelops us everywhere we look.  The world of trees, ferns, tender blossoming leaves, meadows, and flora are encased in every shade of green imaginable.

Spring's Gift  Of Green

Spring’s Gift
Of Green

Our human eye feels very comfortable with green and its many shades. It cools our sensitivities, calms us, and provides serenity in a hectic world. Green has a comforting familiarity to it that makes it the perfect background to life itself.

Green doesn’t have to be a show-off or have an ego like its cousin color magenta that screams, “HEY!!  Look at me!!”

It is subtle, it is tender, and it is the color of life.

Take the time to see, really, see the various shades, tones, and textures of nature’s most passionate of gifts.

Glorious, Green!   Simply, Simple.


Steps W Ferns100_0006

Muir Woods Photo By Lesli M. Dahlke

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