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Morning’s Golden Light

27 June

Dawn again stretches and wipes the glittering stars from its eyes as another day begins anew with infinite possibilities. As is my usual of late, I am, once again awake to see the loveliness of this golden first light.

There is something so special in this quiet moment of solitude, reflection, and silence as the day is fresh, and eager to offer its blessings and gifts. The birds are beginning to stir and warm up with their lovely warbling and cooing, too!

The peaceful and protective veil of the night is lifting, and the sun is awaiting its turn.

I love the morning light without its shadows, so pure and rich. It is simple and elegant all at the same time.

It changes and creates new depths of beauty within minutes — putting on a quiet show to those who are there to see and feel this wonder that occurs every day.

Golden First Light

The Loveliness Of  First Light


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