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Living Life Is The Celebration

12 July

A Silent Beauty

Living life is the gift that you give yourself.  It is your most precious treasure.  As I write this – and you read this,  YOU are living your life.

That’s right living.

Living life is being in the NOW.  For most people it is an unfamiliar place.

Our daily lives travel at the super speed of light, barely enough hours in the day to accomplish half of what we want to do.

Everyone is multitasking,  getting ready to go to “the next” activity, event, meeting,  gathering or completing agendas.  The whirlwind never ends!

The immediacy of living is missed by so many. Planning to  get “to it” later, when it can be fit into the schedule!  Living.  It’s just another daily task to simply check off the To Do List.

And then, without even noticing, time floats away as quietly and delicately as a feather catching the gentle breeze of a lazy afternoon.

It is hard to be in this moment – in this very instant.  The beauty of life is the very nature of its simplicity.

Every day we add textures, colors, shading, and depth to our life’s experience.  Every one of our life’s adventures adds to the tapestry that is ours alone.

The act of living — is the celebration of life.   Life itself is the gift.

My life has taught me the blessings of the here and now.  To simply be in that perfect moment.

Last night, I watched as the big glowing silvery moon made its way high into the night’s sky.

The sight was magnificent as “The Man in the Moon” illuminated the sky like a glittering 20th Century shiny glass disco ball.

It was the summer’s first super moon, glowing proudly; making his nightly rounds, slowly, without any rush — knowing it owned the Universe for that moment.

In that very special moment I experienced immeasurable beauty.   I was living.  And the gifts of life were all around me.

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