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24 September
With love for sharing your hearts vision. Photo Courtesy David William Gibbons

With love for sharing your hearts vision.
Photo Courtesy
David William Gibbons

Change. What is it exactly? Sometimes it is right before your eyes. It can be the amazing brilliance of nature as the colors of the seasons transfix us with the many shades of umber, delicate hues of gold, and fiery reds as the countryside puts on a show of change for us to revel in.

This form of change is constant and dependable. It is comforting, deeply rooted in nature’s own life cycle, and it is time honored. We wait and watch this glorious change – this transition happens no matter what is happening in our lives.

Change can be fleeting.  One moment you are inventing something in your head you absolutely know will be the next million dollar hot item of the century! Then suddenly the next second, you are standing in the middle of the kitchen, wondering what the heck you came in there for?

Change is the rearrangement of time.

Change can surprise us doing a loop-de-loop, tumbling, and rolling around like the numbered ping pong balls at a Bingo Parlor!

Change can “shake things up” and happen when you thought your life was settled and deeply rooted in a firm foundation.

Unexpected change. It can be exciting, unsettling, interesting, and potentially even disruptive. It is the part of life – that, is just life.

Many of us love the control we have over our lives, or at least, the control we think we have.  When change knocks on the front door and we answer to see it’s not the guy with the Chinese take-out …….well, suddenly we can feel derailed and off track from our own set course.

Recently, a BIG change knocked at our door. Arnie, and I, were temporarily set off balance by this unexpected resetting of our life’s compass.

It was time to move on. Our lease was not being renewed. After six years living in this lovely place we call home, the owners felt it was the time for their change. They made the decision to sell.

That decision made a ripple on the calm waters of our lives.

Now, suddenly, we were handed the challenge of  an unwanted and unexpected change. With it came unsettling uncertainty, the possibilities of adventure,  and the moment of “what do we do now?”

And, yet, with this change comes the promise of a completely clean slate to write anything on, create new wonders, envision a vibrant new tapestry to fill-in with every color, and texture imaginable!

A new journey to venture out to see what is on the other side.

The adventure begins October 1, 2014!

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson –

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