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31 October

Purple LightPURPLE. What is this obsession I have with purple? What can you say about purple? Well, what can’t you say about purple?

Not very philosophical,  perhaps. But….isn’t it a good thing to simply feel delighted?

Purple has that effect on me. I can’t even remember when it all started my love of all things purple, and all those delicious relatives of that family!

Although, when Arnie and I, lived it Georgia for several years, I did decide to have “Lesli’s Little Serene Retreat” painted a  southern influenced hue of purple.

And, then again, there was the “just freshly picked off the vine” bright and juicy raspberry formal dining room I chose for that same home of ours.  Hmmmmmmm, maybe this has been going on for awhile!

Many who read and follow my “Lesli’s Writings” know of the imaginary place called Purpleville. This is a very real  fictitious place of happiness as featured in Taking The RED EYE  Facebook page, of the same name.

My dear friend, Heather Karr, collaborator and artistic director of my first book  “The Best Is Yet To Come” made an exception to her rule of only representing real cities in the adventures of Taking the RED EYE. She featured Purpleville as a place. It is after all, a state of being. Isn’t that bigger than a city any day?

A state of being!

A state of being!

Like Purpleville, Heather always brings a smile to my face, keeps me on my toes with being able to match my humor, and always brightens my day. She has a generous “purple spirit” and heart.

As she helped me put the finishing touches on a purple bedroom in my new house, Heather, casually said, “Lesli, purple isn’t really a color for me.”  What? After years of my being a purple fanatic how could I NOT know this?

There we were; surrounded in a sea of purple, lavender, violet, amethyst, and every shade in-between. Literally standing in a purple haze! Then as is her way, she easily added with confidence, “I like purple because YOU do!”

Purple is blissful, joyous, and makes you feel wonderful!  Purple is the color of the future – holding the promise of many tomorrows. It is hope and it is healing.

In these first few weeks in our new home, I am able for the first time, in well over a year, to make the gloriously simple statement, “I am happy.”

Purple does that!

Happiness Comes  In Many Colors

Happiness Comes
In Many Colors






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