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The Cloud

28 January

The Grace and Agility of a Cloud

When I see a cloud, I feel the freedom of floating high —
I am as light as air.

Their simplicity fills my soul.

The graceful beauty of a cloud always amazes me.

This lightness of its being is peaceful, agile, and
warms my heart.

I am mesmerized by this beautiful offering from
Mother Nature.

I watch clouds with great awe.
They always take my breath away.

A cloud is as individual and unique  as a snowflake from the glistening slopes in Aspen,
or a single grain of sand from the Gobi desert.


Drifting Away

Clouds hold their own private

They have the confident look of knowing something special.

They always seem to be on the way to some place
a destination known only to them.

They travel with such gracefulness
it makes me want to go along
for the journey!

Oh! The glory of the cloud with its silent grace and billowy beauty.

Drifting Away

A Silent Grace Photographs by Lesli Moore Dahlke

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