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The Depths of Love

29 March

I have always been loved. When I was a child, I was unconditionally loved by my parents who I adored.

The greatest of blessings from this wonderful and generous place called the heart is a gift more precious than anything imaginable. The heart holds all the riches.

My heart has been filled to immeasurable abundance.

When hearts were handed out to the newly born, these tiny fresh bundles of hope, filled with every imaginable opportunity of life’s offerings — I was given the most open of hearts. This was my first experience of loving. I knew immediately that loving was for me!

This little beating, pulsing and energized wonder, so filled with warmth, nurturing, offered a sense of belonging, and comfort. A place I would reside in for my life.

The heart has an infinite amount of wisdom and we are fortunate to bear witness to its experiences. Our hearts learn compassion, empathy, the acts of kindness, and during our lives we share this with others.

The wisdom of the heart itself is filled with knowledge and every loving experience ever known. It is filled with greatness that reaches beyond the Galaxies.

My life’s journey has taken me to a new chapter in this never-ending book of one’s own life.

As I travel this new path, the opportunity to see love from another perspective has quietly and profoundly been unveiled and revealed to me. Bringing with it great surprise, and wonderment.

I understand the depth of love like never before. This is an unexpected treasured lesson of the heart’s spirit and energy with its abilities to love.

I have a deeper understanding of the love of life itself, and the love of all things.

Love and the openness of the heart is a simple beauty. Loving on every dimension is the greatest gift we give ourselves. If we listen to our hearts they will share with us.

Nature's Treasures

Nature’s Treasures

My journey has for a time taken me across the oceans and to another land. The land of Kings, Knights, merry men, grand cathedrals overflowing with centuries of wisdom, awe-inspiring landscapes of nature’s bounty that make my heart weep with joy.

This is a land I have never been to, and yet, I have never left this land of mine. I have returned to the land of my spirits home.

This land holds a peacefulness and serenity that envelops me. It is the ancient air that fills my lungs with the richness of health and longevity. It is fresh, sweet and pure an amazing bounty Mother Nature bestows on us. My body and soul drink in this glorious nectar as a tonic of healing.

With love for sharing your hearts vision. Photo Courtesy David William Gibbons

With love for sharing your hearts vision.
Photo Courtesy
David William Gibbons

The fields are endless with their newly budding crops growing and stretching toward the warmth of the sun — as it shines golden rays of happiness down to greet the land.

The trees so strong and solid dot the landscape here and there. There are many gathered in rows aligned with grand splendor. What are they thinking as they stand so silent against the backdrop of this land so filled with heavenly sights? These gentle giants are the sentinels to centuries of history.

Then the eye is caught by the solitary outline of a tree seen at the horizons edge. It is breathtaking in its powerful and proud stance. There is a serenity and gracefulness this grand pillar possesses that invokes the words of poets of long ago. This tree is wise and stalwart.

As the glimmering light glistens and dances through the branches it appears as tiny sparklers in praise of life’s celebration. Look closely and you can see the beginnings of renewal with tendrils of growth, bright hues, textures so soft and tender, and every shade of green fills this canvas of spring’s palette.

The Calling of the Sea

The Calling of the Sea

Then there is the sea that calls me home. The breezes that waft delicately off the salt laden ocean whisper across my face with the tender touch of a lovers embrace. The perfect sounds of the sea fill me with the warmth of a homecoming.

The waves roll in and rise upon the rocky beaches as the gulls gaily announce this glorious day. Above this majestic scene are the crystal clear skies the color of the azure sea itself, filled with clouds as bright as marshmallow fluff, and within reach of a welcome touch.

I am grateful and deeply gifted for this very personal time of exploration — of nature’s beauty, introspection, reflection, healing energy, and listening to my heart.

My heart understands the depth of love and all of its glory.

For now, I, am, one with this land.

Serenity Abounds

Serenity Abounds

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