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Inner Strength

02 May
20150325_074642 Tree Blog

The Solid Strength of Nature

What exactly is strength? Can we see it? Do we feel it when we have it? How do we measure it? If we lose it – even if only for a minute…where does it go?

Its very essence means something different to each and every one of us. It is deeply rooted by our own personal experiences. Strength adds an additional layer to our life’s tapestry. We travel a long and wonderful path during our journey – no matter where it takes us. One of the best gifts we give ourselves is living in the moment. It takes strength to give ourselves the permission to be here – this very minute!

20150411_045134 Bench In Garden

The Peacefulness of A Garden

Mother Nature is my role model for strength and being ever-strong. She has the quiet indomitable ability to survive and thrive. No matter what, Mother Nature, is constant, persistent, and solid. Watching the simplicity of light and shadows dance and play among the flowers is a pure joy as we share in the loveliness of nature’s bountiful endurance.

The beauty of a river that flows with peaceful serenity moving leisurely on its steadfast path gives us inspiration to take life as it comes along.

Strength can be silent, powerful and determined. It is the will-power to continue on even when there seems to be nothing else to do. It is the grandeur and majestic silhouette of a solitary tree standing so immovable against all of nature’s elements.

It is also the strength of character that lives in all of us. It takes courage to find your own inner strength and embrace your own potential when times are difficult. We can celebrate our strengths in everything we do. To recognize and understand our own courageous determination is the ultimate gift of fortitude!

“I Truly Respect The People
Who Stay Strong Even When
They Have Every Right To Breakdown
 — Unknown

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