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July 5, 2015 “Seeing the Abundance of Our Future”

05 July

“Seeing the Abundance of Our Future”


In the world we live in today — whether right around your own neighborhood corner — or the global world that connects us all — change is happening.

The resetting of established paradigms many with outdated philosophies and “old school” models is occurring with galactic speed.

The transition of where we are now; with its comfort of what has always been, to new ideas and innovation can be rapid, astronomical in scope and stunning with its possible consequences.

As our world changes so do we. What will the future hold?

My vision of the world is a future filled with endless possibilities, opportunities for personal growth, and achieving a greater awareness toward one another.

My future has also been greatly affected by the present.

What do I mean by this?

At the glorious mid-point of my life, I have been given the surprising promise and gift of undergoing a transformational renaissance.

One day, I realized my own life light that always shined as brightly as a beacon with indomitable spirit, had dimmed to barely a flicker.

A personal awakening, a renewal of life, increased vigor, a physical rejuvenation, great inner discovery and serenity-of-purpose.

My life has always been a rich tapestry of colors. It has no limitations. I write the story of my life. Every day in front of me is an open journal waiting to be filled-in with the promise of a new day.

To witness the deep azure of a cloudless sky, so rich and clear, as the magnificent palette of a star bound artist bound by the majestic beauty of experiencing a summer’s night.

photoMy heart was stolen by the hues, my own lightness of being, the deep colors as vivid and intoxicating as the mustard fields in the countryside of England’s rolling plains.

All of this awareness of the richness of life around me produced a profound understanding of living life and the awareness of a new purpose within my very being. From it all the idea of The Oneness Foundation began to develop and take shape.

My love of life has always been bountiful and positive. I love the sheer delight of the thought of living life to its fullest!

These new discoveries and awareness has taken me to an entirely new level during these challenging times for our planet. It has indeed expanded my personal vision of a positive and adapting new world.

With this change comes an enormous responsibility for us all; to be able to adapt with those challenges to come.

Further, if we join in collective purpose across the grass roots level we can accomplish and meet the goals of this important and crucial transformation.

We can open up lines of communication with each other to bring unparalleled connections to life’s energy and its living spirit.

It can be achieved.

This time in our evolution beckons us to reach out and find commonalities among diverse cultures, backgrounds and beliefs.

For me it is our unique abundance of inspired knowledge found in the beauty of all things that will soon fall from the sky and land at our very feet. Then we will be the warriors of a new world and the pioneers of true freedom.

Lesli Moore Dahlke

Author The Best Is Yet To Come (2011)

Founder of The Oneness Foundation


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