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July 19, 2015 “Reflections”

19 July
Image by Lesli Moore Dahlke

Image by Lesli Moore Dahlke

An article I wrote for Cure Magazine, A Singular Sensation, was written during the time of my first cancer diagnosis in 1990.

The feelings were overwhelming at the time. I was alone. Even among those I loved and loved me. This was something I was facing.

I was beginning an unknown part of my life. An unimaginable event — cancer had invaded me.

I was newly married and in my mid-thirties. There was a life ahead filled with promises, plans and adventures to fill a lifetime.

Then it seemed the light within me had dimmed and the future difficult to see.

That was a literally a lifetime ago.

I have succeeded and thrived beyond any expectations of survival. I look back at those years as I move forward.

I live life to the fullest not focusing on where I have been. But, rather, experiencing a heart

overflowing with wonders for the adventures in front of me.
I see clearly a new view of the future. I understand living your best life now is the celebration.

To joyously acknowledge every milestone accomplished with each year of survival is worthy of rejoicing!

However, as simple as it seems that is part of your past within your life’s bigger story. Your time of diagnosis, treatment, challenges, and struggle are all part of your past. Give yourself the gift of healing and moving on.

Your life is a rich and plentiful tapestry filled with every imaginable color, texture and golden opportunity you choose to make of it!

The experience of cancer, all that you have survived, and traveled through is a small portion of your personal story. Your greatest riches are the depth of your feelings, the vast experiences of life, and the wealth of your personal wisdom that makes you unique.

Don’t get too caught up in where you have been. Or let others define you as your illness.
It is where you are now, moving forward that enable you to run with open outstretched arms to

new immeasurable achievements and happiness.

The light that shines within you is the brightest beacon to follow. Your own life’s spirit will guide you — no matter when it comes along.

My journey is just beginning………..
It is filled with hope, health, and the surprising comfort of unknown adventures!

Lesli Moore Dahlke

Author The Best Is Yet To Come (2011)

Founder of The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

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