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July 26, 2015 “Changing Times”

26 July
Lesli Moore Dahlke England

Lesli Moore Dahlke England

How can we describe time accurately? Time is independent. It moves along at its very own pace.

It travels at the speed of light. Time can move quickly and yet, with artful subtlety. We might not see the changes as they occur. We might not take personal notice at the effect these changes might make in the long term. After all, aren’t we busy filling up our own lives with time?

Time can creep with the slowness of molasses on a cold Vermont winter’s day. But, time moves on, with the power to influence our lives, in more ways than imaginable.

Consider time as a component of culture. Time can shift opinions or change the way we think or act in a situation.

There is no denying that time is a change mechanism. Today it is imperative we focus on the importance of our local neighborhood communities, learning about the diversities of cultures in the world, or understanding people of other nations.

Time and its changes alter lives, countries, environments, and even policies that affect us all.

Perhaps this is the time to reflect on changes and stop to think about how we can fit into the process.

I am a child of the Golden Era of the Fifties. During most of my life, I have been a witness and a participant of decades of cultural changes. Too many of these events were world altering events.

The Sixties saw the civil rights movement begin critical awareness for the importance of human rights for all. These significant and crucial times changed the course of history.

History tells us time and the critical changes evolving from those changes repeat themselves. There was great importance and connectedness of civic mindedness in the movements of the Sixties. This time of change produced monumental progress imperative to the most fundamental of rights.

Today in the 21st Century there remains work and progress to be achieved for equality of all citizens. It is inconceivable to acknowledge that these specific changing times have taken more than a half of a century! There needs to be more worked accomplished.

As citizens, we must be aware and informed on all issues confronting the future of our families and loved ones. It is an important right of our freedom, duty as citizens, and for all of us to remain educated as members of a contributing society.

When the winds of inevitable changes occur we will then be better prepared to make the choices that affect our lives.

Time is ours to hold. Time is a cherished gift. Knowledge and being informed are our rights and we must not take them for granted. Stay connected. Stay informed.

Time, after all, is fleeting and we wouldn’t want to miss a thing.


Truly yours,

Lesli Moore Dahlke

Author The Best Is Yet To Come (2011)

Founder of The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

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