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August 2, 2015 “The Wisdom of Children

02 August
Lesli Moore Dahlke England

Lesli Moore Dahlke England

The Wisdom of Children

How do children see the world we live in today through their innocent and inexperienced eyes?

For the few minutes it will take you to read this Blog let’s try to suspend our own realities of “age.”

Putting ourselves in the place of a child, try to “see” what they perceive, and how they absorb everything around them.

With this small change of our perception, perhaps, we will gain some undiscovered wisdom from a surprising resource.

Just for a few minutes, try being between eight years old and ten years old. This challenge might seem senseless, but, it’s not that easy. We become set in our own thinking patterns that “age knows everything.” But, haven’t we all experienced the great joy of “gifts coming in small packages!”

Thinking “little” might invoke some new thoughts about one of our most valuable growing treasures. The children of today who will shape the world of the future.

They will become the teachers, policemen, tradesmen, leaders, and decision makers of the future. Children deserve to be acknowledged and respected for their potential and possibilities of greatness each and every one has within them.

The minds of these “little people” are enormously inquisitive and filled in abundance with the wonder of “why????” Being in the company of a child immediately reminds us of the importance of learning, knowledge, and imparting our own experiences.

As a child’s mind matures and develops it could be compared to the true definition of gravity — a natural phenomenon by which all things attract one another. They are magnets for learning!

These little brains are filled with energetic eagerness with yearnings and desire for knowledge that is incalculable. Their curiosity to ask questions and find answers could fill the Grand Canyon in a single day!

Being in the presence of a child brings into focus how critical our attention is to these little hungry “need to know’ individuals.

For a moment I am eight. I see the world as a place of exciting new things everywhere! I want to learn so many exciting and important things. My brain is a vortex of spinning information. Everything has a question needing an answer. I am a sponge soaking up and absorbing every morsel around me.

I hear conversations around me from the wiser and knowing adults. They are so smart. They must know more than me? How can I learn more, too?

I hear words and discussions I don’t always understand — but, nothing gets by me. I am the quiet witness in the corner that nobody sees.

photoAs adults, we are all guardians of these young growing and developing minds. They are forming opinions based on what we are saying, listening to on the media, talking about in the car, and they hear every casual “adult conversation.”

The most impressionable years of a child are their early ones. Every waking moment of their day, they are introduced to concepts, ideas, value systems, as they form life-long opinions of the world — with vast cultures, and people different than they are.

Every child is an individual who is influenced, inspired, absorbs, and is embedded with the ideas of those around them in these crucial formative years.

As adults, we are role models, teachers, caregivers, parents, grandparents, and even an encouraging helping hand to little ones. They learn compassion, understanding, and values by experiencing what we do as examples.

The mind of a child has a limitless life’s canvas as wide and bright as the sky. The opportunities of exploring and discovering the world are unimaginable.

They deserve nurturing; our guidance, our varied experiences, and most importantly, they need time with us. Where we can encourage and empower their hopes and dreams.

In a world that runs with galactic speed, perhaps, it is time to slow our lives down. Live in the moment of now, take a breath, sit down at the dinner table with the family — talking and listening. Perhaps, it’s an “old school” idea whose time has come again.

The treasures and gifts we will learn from these bright, creative, young minds will be the wisdom they possess.

Truly yours,

Lesli Moore Dahlke

Author The Best Is Yet To Come (2011)

Founder of The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

The Oneness Foundation

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