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29 August

Good News!Moving forward has always been a steadfast focus of mine. It plays an important role in both my writing and thinking. It is always there as an underlying and unifying theme.

Every day I make a conscience effort to live life to its fullest.

I greet each day as a precious gift. A tremendous surprise wrapped with golden ribbons and vibrant streamers of every imaginable color flowing freely in every direction.

Each day has a story to write all on its own. Possibilities and opportunities are immeasurable. Each day waits eagerly like an artist’s palette to be filled-in with the richness of texture, light, colors and vivid hues.

Today, I went to The City of Hope. It was like hundreds of other visits, I have made over my years of treatment, at this bastion of caring humanity.

An occasion to gather data, produce records, blood draws, meeting with trusted and beloved doctors. A time, too, to visit with new friends and old acquaintances made along the way.

Each visit involves the news of current results, reports and their comparisons to former exams. Some days waiting for the outcome can make molasses look like a speeding bullet-train!

Today was extraordinary. It was a day of astonishing success, accomplishment and achievement.

I received the best reports ever on my status since my diagnoses in 2010 and 2012. The specifics of the nuts, bolts, and details aren’t the “Headline!”

My body and its life’s energy are in a healthy state of wellness. That is the lead of today’s story.

As I embrace this tremendous bounty of good news I celebrate the now of living. Every minute of every day is an opportunity to revel in that glorious moment.

Living in the moment, it is so simple, and yet, so few of us make it a priority or even think about it.

Make it a treasure you share with yourself. So precious and extraordinary is time we oftentimes can’t see it for what it is. Time is pure, honest, serene, challenging, and above all, ours to live.

Today, I was given the gift of time.

Image-4Pond with Swans 8 2015

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