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The Loss Of A Treasure – My Cousin Carri

27 December

We are never prepared to face the death of a loved one. It is never time for this parting.

For those we lose, and ourselves, it is an unbearable heartbreak in its stunning shock. We feel a wave of disbelief, sorrow, and incredulously our world for a time stands still.

Our hearts are broken. We are at a loss. For a time, it is even difficult to feel the pulse of living. We gather with our loved  ones, families, and friends to gain the strength all are in need of.

We are the ones left behind. We experience an unimaginable sadness, deeply rooted pain, and there is an emptiness in our hearts that will never be filled again. This very special place within us is reserved “just for them.”

With the grace of time, healing will begin. The memories of glorious times enjoyed and shared begin again to blossom and flourish.

We remember the laughter and precious times enjoyed together as we wove the tapestry of our lives. We will recall and reflect on quiet moments with one another. We will always have the timeless journey traveled together.

One day cherished pictures will rapidly flash from our memory banks – filling us with instant joy. Our hearts are healing.

Time, eventually, becomes a loving friend again.

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