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The Passage of Time

27 March
20150510_Time Passage

The Path Of Life Can Take You to Unimaginable Places

How do we as individuals measure the passage of time? The events in our own lives are the markers we gauge our life’s journey.

Certainly each of us would define the milestones that make up our experiences as completely unique and “ours alone.” And, they are.  Although many of us share in these common experiences.

Gathering these markers starts early as they begin to make us who and what we are.

When, we go off to school for the first time, and leave the comfort of our family cocoon we start out on the road of being us. How we interact in the outside “Big” world that is so different than the place we call home — our patterns begin to emerge.

Are we the quiet ones who sit in the back of the class taking it all in? Or the first row student who waves their hand at every question and hungers for the limelight of knowledge?

These early moments begin the foundation of who we are.  We begin setting the timeline of our lives. Early first loves and falling in love, heartbreaks along the way, finding that right person who is your safe place to fall, the gifts of marriage, and the beautiful experience of having children.

There are many markers and milestones that find us along the way during our lives. There is a bonus of time…..we gain a quiet peacefulness, serenity, and wisdom that age brings to us.

But, in an instant, blinking, it seems only once —the years you have traveled are now heartfelt memories and a treasure trove filled with magnificent times and adventures.

Where does time go? If you looked, could you see the precious times in the rear view mirror of your life?

Yes, time is fleeting — but, it renews every day! Bringing us a new clean slate to paint with brilliant, vibrant colors anyway we choose!  Making more memories to build on in a place where time seems endless.

Living life is the gift you give yourself — and you share with others.


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