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The Amazing Benefits Of Fitness

17 April
Fitness And Its Potential

#When I’m 64

Taking care of ourselves — It is not always a priority in our daily lives as we are booked, over-booked, and scurry here and there.  We’ll get to it ……and we mean it!  But…

The amazing benefits of fitness and the dedication to one’s own wellness are an essential part of our own integral health. Striving to accomplish some form of fitness is something that should be on the top of our “to do” lists!

My fitness has always been way down on the list of things to accomplish.

My life changed with the extraordinary pairing of Fit4TheCause, with its founder Cindy Rakowitz.  Fit 4 The Cause, is a nonprofit educational orgaFit 4 The Cause Logonization raising funds for health-related causes through fun group fitness programs. https://www.fit4thecause.org

With the giving spirit of F4TC, and the dedicated contribution of Cindy’s amazing talents, abilities, intuitive nature, and compassion as a trainer — I began a wonderful journey of getting strong, healing wounds and becoming the best ever!

An enormous thank you to F4TC and all those involved, for their kindness, devotion to the community and giving back.

Getting fit and staying fit is an integral part of healing and wellness. Fitness benefits our bodies in so many ways – simple stretching, toning, and strengthening have an immeasurable impact on an individual’s health.

Make it a priority……..It is a gift you deserve to lavish on yourself.

The Best Is Yet To Come!

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