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Mother’s Day Memories, Celebration, and Remembrances

20 April

Mother’s Day will soon be here. This year we celebrate on Sunday, May 8th.  It is a very special day of giving. No matter how young or old we are — it is a day to celebrate the wonders of Motherhood.

When we are little we create handmade tokens of love just for Mommy.  Tiny hand prints embedded in clay are given to mothers everywhere. As we get older we spend the time to find just “the right” loving card that expresses what we feel. We send flowers, gifts or that little something that will make her smile her smile just for us.

Mother’s Day is a dedicated day to show our Mother’s how much they mean to us. We have 363 other days to do the same – but, this single day is just for her.

It is the day we can give back to our mothers, even in a small way, some of the tenderness and giving she has showered on us.

Millions of people across the globe take this day as an opportunity to honor their mothers, thank them for their efforts in giving them life, raising them, and being their greatest supporter.

But, there are those of us who have lost our Mothers — how do we handle a day that is devoted to one of the most significant people in our lives?

There is no single answer, response, or “guideline” to help us through this very personal and individual experience.  For some, it is a difficult day of feeling the emptiness of a heart yearning for the comfort of our Mothers.

We remember the times shared and the importance of a woman who shaped us into the people we are today. We have the joys of our memories to fill us with the loving touches she gave us. We recall times shared, feel the great depths of love for this special woman, and the precious time spent side by side.

Mother 1960'sThe celebration of a Mother’s love is timeless and endless. We hear her laughter ringing in our hearts and minds as we remember those special times that were spent with her — moments that are ours alone.

Our Mothers are with us every day. A fleeting moment here and there, a favorite song heard or hummed, a moment when you reach for the phone to say hello, and the beauty of life she taught us. How our hearts overflow with love when we think of this woman who gave us life.

Mother’s Day is a day for all of us to celebrate. We remember, we honor, we share, and we celebrate all of the women in our lives that have touched us!

Happy Mother’s Day.  Make it joyous……. celebrate life!


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