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03 June

20150324_LesliSeaBlogI live with two cancers. That’s right, live. And, I thrive with every new brilliant day. Sure it’s a difficult journey some days – but, isn’t living the point?

Sunday, June 5th is National Cancer Survivors Day…..it is a Celebration of Life. It’s a day to say, “Hey, job well done!” Or maybe a huge……”I made it!”

It is also a serious day to help bring awareness to the issues of cancer survivorship.

Whether you’re still in treatment or long since finished, there are many ways to continue to take care of you. You are a vitally important partner in your own well-being.

The term “cancer survivor” is used to describe a person who has a history of cancer, from the time of diagnosis through the remainder of his or her life. It includes those currently undergoing treatment and those who are cancer-free.

Once you are in the Cancer Club you are a Charter Member! Cancer isn’t a shameful state of being and makes you a criminal — it is an illness — within your body a few crazy cells go one direction as you go the other. It is not who you are.

Not all people with a history of cancer identify with the term “cancer survivor.” Many of those who have successfully cleared the hurdles of cancer would like to leave the experience in the rear view mirror. Mention cancer and it can invoke a different response as varied as there are grains of sand on the beach.

I’ve heard, “Oh, please not that again. ……do we have to talk about it again? Some survivors sing the phrase “I had it, did it, it’s over, and now, let’s not go there again.” Why celebrate something that doesn’t involve me?  After all, it doesn’t pertain to me.

Everyone has a different way of handling their life’s situations. Perhaps that’s why there are seventy two colors of jelly beans!

This year’s Celebration of Life is a good time to put into action a really important part of living — being in the moment. You can strive and achieve being the best YOU possible.

Start with improving yourself one day at a time.  Exercise is a great place to start. Don’t groan…….you can start slowly and believe it or not ….it is a great spirit lifting experience! Exercise can boost your stamina, lessen fatigue, and keep you on the road to living an amazing healthful and spirited life.

“To be the best you can be,” is so much more than a simple platitude or something someone says to fill the void in vocabulary. Living for every precious moment reminds us how wonderful it is to experience the tender touch of someone you love, the smile of a child, a special memory, the renewal every year of spring as Mother Nature spreads her joy, and the way your heart skips a beat when you see a stunning sunset.

Begin with a healthier, stronger, and determined body that can beat anything. Live each day painting every brilliant color, hue and shade from the most glorious rainbow you could ever imagine – on the mosaic that is your life.

Every Day Is A Gift.  Enjoy!



Photograph Courtesy David William Gibbons

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