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Father’s Day Memories For A life Time

19 June

Layout 1Today is the day we honor our Fathers, Dads, Daddy, Papa, and the list goes on. It is a Day to acknowledge the man that gave us life.

I was a very fortunate child. I had a Daddy that was just like me! He was playful, acted silly just because he was good at it – and he always made me laugh.

I loved him beyond anything in the world. He hung the moon and the stars for me. He taught me kindness, I learned and understood about caring, and  loving.  I received a wonderful foundation that still lives with me today. He was the our family’s light and loving example of living.

He died at 56 years old suddenly taken from us way too soon.

On this day and every day, I thank this wonderful man I call Daddy.

He lives within my heart every day. I love him and to me every day is Father’s Day!

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