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A Joyous Gift

16 March

The greatest treasures in life are the relationships we build during our life’s journey. They add texture, a listening ear, caring comfort, the wonderful feeling of belonging, and perhaps, even a hand to hold in difficult times.

The bond between special friends is truly the gift you give yourself!

The friendship between women is almost indescribable.  And yet, start a sentence stating how special our friendships are and all women start nodding their heads in knowing agreement.

These friendships add richness and depth to the tapestry that make us, well, simply “us!”     

One amazing gift I have been blessed with is my DearFriend, Cindy Rakowitz. She arrived in my life as if delivered in a box, decorated with golden ribbons, glittering streamers, and bright shining party balloons. It was a carnival of happiness announcing this magnificent spirit!

Every day with Cindy brings a treasure-trove of fun, well-being, peacefulness, laughter, spirited sharing, and much love. Knowing Cindy has enriched my life tenfold — maybe more! She is the gift that never stops giving.  And then gives some more.

We both are “March Birthday Babies.” Together we get to share in the celebration of life and all its colorful bounty.

She is a beautiful bouquet of roses, flowers, hugs, and unconditional giving. A wondrous woman named Cindy who simply walked into my life one day — she is the joyous gift of a lifetime.

Happy Birthday, Dearest Cindy!


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