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Strange Bedfellows

19 May

Creativity and dreaming seem like interesting, but, a very odd pairing of minds and friendship.  Perhaps, they aren’t your first thought of a “couple”…….like Audrey Hepburn  and Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, or even Peanut Butter and Jelly!

However, in the quiet moments reserved just for you — this is where these two come together……. being creative, most times, involves dreaming.  Not the kind you do in the middle of the night. But, the dreams you create while you are thinking of the “what ifs!” This day dreaming is as healthy, significant in your serenity and sanity – as a day at the spa!

This is how it begins,  suddenly a seed of an idea tickles your brain, you dream of that something you’ve wanted to do, a secret ambition, a project to tackle, and even a few “think I could?”

Instantly the connection between (day)-dreaming and your creative side meet and a budding friendship blossoms! It is that amazing, simple, and a new partnership is formed within yourself. A new way of thinking about mind over matter.

So it was, with my new garden. An idea only dreamt about is now turning into a magnificent reality. A glorious haven of serenity, a choir of songbirds, a rainbow of butterflies full of every unimaginable color and hue, and even a pair of iridescent Mallard ducks stopped by on my birthday!

This beautiful and peaceful garden is a loving work in progress. Hour upon hours of physical work, trips to the local garden center to look, exploring new plants, buying a little gem, and yes, to dream of this and that!

It hasn’t been done by a gardener. Nope! This labor of love with its amazing healing energies, gracefulness, and the gift it gives back to me every day is immeasurable.

The take-away from this little story is; never miss an opportunity!! Time is fleeting. Make the most of every dream you have.

Dream big, take yourself out of your comfort zone, and find that one thing no matter how difficult you think it might be — and just try. It is easier than you think. You can do anything! There are no limitations to our abilities, desires, and a simple dream of a garden!

It will be such a surprise to the you that was “sitting on the sidelines” enjoying, but, never joining in. Whatever you dream, it will be immeasurably and immensely amazing at how your living in the now brings you such unexpected joy!

Dreaming about making my backyard a more “welcoming place” is how I begin my personal joyous serenity project of the garden. An English Garden at that! And, in Southern California!

In one instant, my day-dreaming side met my creative side. And, said “Why not?” They became “fast friends” developing a picture perfect plan working together, always admiring the beauty they had achieved creating, and dreaming together. A match made in serenity Heaven!

In this simple garden there is immense beauty in its stillness.

Next time you feel that little “brain tickle” of an idea…….don’t hesitate! Give your idea and dream the life it deserves and the pleasure it will bring you is unimaginable.

Living in the moment is The Best Yet…..Always remember, Every Day Is A Gift!

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