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Why I Do What I Do! A Guiding Touch

05 June

Motivation is a very welcome companion and partner on the road to well-being, fitness, and overall good health.

But, it helps to have an incredible pathfinder by your side to encourage, support, and light your way. Such it is, with me.

I began a journey of physical renewal and strengthening in October, 2015.

My guide, endless “rooting-section,” and loving butt-kicker is the reason I am flourishing in optimum health, energy, peaceful serenity, and above all, a knowing, “I can do anything!”

I have had the honor and great fortune to have, Cindy Rakowitz, the Founder of Fit 4 The Cause; as my mentor, trainer, and I am most proud, to warmly call her my SisterFriend. She is driven to help. Her achievements are great. And, her enthusiasm even greater!

She calls me “Champ” — and when she does, it warms my heart.

Cindy is a dynamic, extraordinary powerhouse of energy, dedication and devotion to her mission. She is dedicated to wellness education and committed to all those who, Fit 4 the Cause, serves within this amazing community-minded non-profit organization.

Cindy is filled with endless spirit and support. She is the best calling card for good health, nutritional guidance, working hard at fitness, while always having fun and moving toward an attainable goal.

That end result, the best possible YOU!

My motivation to begin a fitness “lifetime” change in my sixties was spurred by health challenges. I am a cancer survivor of three cancers, and daily share my day with two active cancers. Cancer does not define me. The single most important part to that sentence is: cancer does not define me.

It isn’t who I AM…it simply is a footnote to my overall story.

The transformation of my physical body, strength and stamina, improvement in my cancer markers, and my remarkable wellness has been significant. I have accomplished feats beyond any imagining — Cindy always by my side.

Last year, I participated in Fit 4 the Cause’s SummerSplash — a 500 YARD swim relay event. It was a day of challenging strength and endurance; each participant completed 50 yards in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. I finished all 500 yards in this “ambitiously-astronomical-arduous-arm-defying” fun-pete day of physical efforts!

On August 12th I will again participate in this year’s greatest event for Fit 4 the Cause — a Quadrathalon! We will run (or walk!), spin, power pump and lift, and swim all to raise money for the community efforts and vision of Cindy Rakowitz, Founder of Fit 4 the Cause.

I have achieved the unthinkable in a blink of an eye……this “little team” of Cindy and I,has enriched my life beyond measure. My spirits soar with every moment of sweat equity. I am filled with a bright shining light as vivid and vibrant as every color of the rainbow.

With every winning step forward, challenge taken, and each and every personal success that follows — a grateful thank you to the invincible and incomparable Cindy.

My friend, my muse, my inspiration, and the Best Ever!

                Indomitable Spirits!

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