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A Celebration, A Friendship, and Life’s Treasure

16 March

Happy birthday, Cindy……This is a homage to an extraordinary human spirit! To the uniqueness of a true individual.

This is a loving birthday card.

One of life’s greatest gifts is the precious gift of friendship. The sheer delight and pleasure of seeing your heart’s smile reflected in the smile of your friend is      immeasurable.

Life is a myriad of adventures, traveling along roads, finding our own path, and creating a colorful tapestry. During this journey, if we are very blessed….we find a treasure. I, indeed, was lucky to be “gifted” an incomparable, priceless, cherished present of the heart, spirit, and healing energy.

One day, I turned around and there was this tall, lanky, enormous force of nature standing in front of me! She introduced herself. Cindy Rakowitz.  Even her name sounded formidable! I knew this woman could – and did – move mountains.

She became my most significant discovery, sparkling jewel, and “find” of the 21st Century – and my life.  And, not even a treasure map was needed! She was just magically there! Cindy extended the offered hand of friendship, the opportunity of strengthening a body and spirit…….and an ever-growing connection began that will last a lifetime.

Today, I celebrate this truly remarkable woman on her Birthday!  Happy Birthday, my DearSisterFriend.
I honor all that she is. I salute and wave majestic colored balloons high in the air to bring a glint of happiness to her beautiful smile. I treasure every “muscle memory” ache and pain she made me earn – as I got stronger and healthier. Every moment with her I continued kicking cancer’s butt. When it got tough – we got tougher. We made an impenatrable force.
Always by my side, my cheerleader, mentor, and beloved friend.
Each and every day I send her love, positive energy from my grateful heart, and the knowledge she has made a difference in this world. Not simply mine……but, to all those she encounters. She has a never ending depth to her giving heart. She is one of those people we wait for…..and hopefully will come along one day. She is one in a million.
Happy Birthday, Cindy! May the happiness you share with others be yours today, tomorrow, and every moment of your life.
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