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The Love Of A Mother

13 May

Today we honor all Mothers. The women in all our lives that have made a difference, impact, and have shaped who we are today.

I proudly honor my Mother today. She gave me the precious gift of life.  She showered me with never-ending guidence along with her loving, caring, and gentle tenderness. She set the standards that I live by… always following her example.

She was the best macaroni and cheese maker on the planet! She always knew just when I needed the warmth of my favorite “comfort food.”  To this day — mac ‘n cheese is my go-to-feel-good-food!

I learned how to cook standing by her side for hours observing her skill. She taught me how to drive. She always praised me for even the smallest things. Mostly she set the standards and values of life by her shining example.

Lesli and Mommy 1952

I thank her for the countless hours she sat patiently at the kitchen table as I tried desperately to conquer flash cards and my difficulty with spelling.

She held my hand when I was frightened, she laughed at my silliness, when I was stubborn and “hard-headed” she was accepting. When I had my first broken heart she held me tightly while I cried. Quietly sharing my broken heart.

My Mother was my tireless supporter in everything and anything I wanted to do. Never doubting my success.

The love of a Mother is like no other. I lost my Mother all too soon.

There were roads untraveled. Adventures to share, memories still waiting to make, and the immeasurable love of a Mother for her child and the return of that love.

No matter where my life’s journey has taken me or paths I will forge in the future…….I will always be my Mother’s “little girl.”

Today, and everyday…..I thank you with all my heart,

I Love You, lesli

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