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The Best Is Yet To Come

An Unexpected Connection – Traveling The Same Journey

13 June

Many times in life it is the unexpected that throws us off balance.

We are moving through our lives with the ease of a gentle breeze. Or struggles of Herculean challenges. Always moving forward. Always steady. Perhaps, stopping along the path to breathe in the spirit of living. And, we can be as strong as the prehistoric stones of Stonehenge.

Then suddenly, out of nowhere, we are stunned into silent reflection.

I heard the news that a very special person in the tapestry that is my life, has cancer. That moment was a heart stopper. It is unbelievable.  I belong to a club I did not want her to join.

This amazing woman, Heather Karr, is a woman of great strength, creativity, entrepreneur, artist, business owner; and she is, ridiculously funny.

She was the driving creative force behind the “look” of “The Best Is Yet To Come.”

She designed all the original art work and was instrumental in making it such a compelling and dynamic read. She made each Chapter come alive with her inventive and creative touch.

I am honored to have had her as a contributing collaborator.

Our paths now connect at an intersection of hope, challenges, shared experiences of struggle, pain, beating impossible odds, striving to thrive, and survive.

Heather is in the fight of her life.

An aggressive form of breast cancer that took her sister’s life – all too, soon – now engulfs her body. She has battled the ravages of surgery, chemotherapy, and debilitating fatigue.

This month she ends her chemo, awaiting reconstructive surgery with its slow process of healing, and recovery.

She has paid it forward; to those with cancer, as she gave to those in need. Heather has shared her skills, empathy, and understanding as a massage therapist with those in hospice care. For many years, she brought much comfort and relief  from the harsh realities of treatment.  And, always leaving behind her signature smile, high spirits, and a warm enveloping wave at parting!

She, now, needs the help she offered so selflessly. She struggles with the financial burdens that come along with cancer.

I, am, personally reaching out to all…… asking you, to help, Heather.

Imagine, just for a moment, I have been writing about you. It is unimaginable. We all have struggles and challenges in our lives. But, the unforgiving realities of daily life with cancer is immeasurable.

Heather has created a GoFundMe campaign as unique as she is……… https://ca.gofundme.com/7yg2z-breast-cancer-reconstruction

Reach into that quiet corner of your giving heart and help make a HUGE difference in her life and recovery.

Together we can say……..The Best Is Yet To Come!    





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