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The Gift Of Unconditional Love

17 June

Father’s Day is a very special day in the lives of all of us. If you are lucky and fortunate to have your father here this year…….make sure you call him and “love on him” for a few precious moments.

These men of bigger than life proportions we call different forms of endearment; father, Daddy, Pop, Papa, and lovingly, even “my old man!”

Whatever you call this pillar of strength, guidance, teaching and sharing……perhaps, even best friend, they are credited in many ways with who we are.

I was blessed with the unconditional love, understanding, and friendship of my Daddy. He was the BEST playmate any child could have dreamed of. He was silly, was there when I came home from school, never ever raised his voice in anger…only praise.

He was handsome as David Niven, suave as Cary Grant, and quietly funny as Peter Sellers. 

He was my hero as a child. He taught me the values of life, to see the beauty all around us, tendernness,  I learned by his example integrity….and the ever importance of timing in delivering a joke!


When he died at the age of 56 – I was not ready to let him go…..but, his untimely death taught me the lesson of living life to its fullest.

On the day of celebrating Father’s…. I offer my most heartfelt thank you to the first man I ever loved. He is still my Hero.

My love forever,

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