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13 July

On this day, July 13, 2018, I celebrate, acknowledge, and mark 28 years, since I began traveling the long and winding road of being a cancer survivor. My tenacity has always guided the direction my journey takes. No matter how long the road, or how high the Herculean struggles and challenges have been – I have traveled on.

I began this odyssey during the twentieth century….but, this has not been a 21st Century journey where you automatically plug in your destination in the GPS! I rarely have known where my path would take me.

These long years of surviving have given me the bonus of feeling life in all its glory. I have filled my tapestry with colors and textures as bountiful as a spring garden.  

Of course, there have been delicious memories of joyous times that linger on my mind like a feather floating in a cool breeze over the sea.

Everyone’s paths are difficult at sometime or another. We gather strength and come to truly know ourselves, as we learn how to navigate our lives – each in our own way.

Sheer stubbornness, determination, and my life force has kept me moving forward. There have been many road blocks, dead ends, and mile high obstacles. Sometimes the odds of making it seemingly insurmountable. Heartbreakingly, so.

But, there is always one more mile to tackle and something to see along the way…….

Balancing all the hard years, there have been many joyous moments of living life to its fullest and filling my heart to the brim with the love of life.

Along the way I have made memories as bright as the stars that shine in all the galaxy. I discovered and explored a new land of great beauty, photographing lush landscapes, captivated by the smiling faces of daffodils, feeling the richness of the land, and fields rich with golden wheat waving gently in summer breezes. I started a love affair with this land so familiar and yet never known.

I learned to open my heart to all that is possible. Even those things that seemed impossible or even improbable were within my reach.

I found new adventures, experienced things never imagined, giving and loving to the hearts capacity. All these glorious times have enriched me – enveloping my life with bold colors, rich tones, and golden hues. Reaching out and living in the moment has given me a freedom I have never known.

I have lived and I have thrived…….. filling volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica at every turn in the road. Editing and writing new stories as I went along. Adding depth and wisdom to each new narrative. Surprising myself at times!

The lesson I learned along my way…..keep going. Strive to thrive with everything you’ve got! Take all the beauty you gather along the way……making and adding to your life’s mosaic, and you will find the rewards are amazing.

Be in the moment……take the time that is so precious – literally invaluable – and feel it, embrace it, and cherish each, and every opportunity.

Don’t miss a second…..the memories you make, the experiences you gather………enrich and embolden you. Even seemingly, meaningless, and everyday activities -breathe life into you heart, spirit and feeling of well-being.

Let yourself fly freely, opening your heart to soar among the clouds…where angels tenderly kiss the night’s gentle breezes, and greet you with a warm welcome.

The Best Is Yet To Come……..


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