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24 September

Today,  I realized I hadn’t done a Blog for Lesli’s Story in several months. As time has a way of doing……it seemed days and weeks were gone in an instant, evaporating into the gentle breezes of the summer wind, and going as quickly as the fluttering of an eye. And yet, every second is as tender and delicate as the wings of a butterfly. Time is precious. Even when it happens all around us! Sometimes we just need to breathe in our own journey.

We try to live everyday to the best of our abilities, strength, energy level, while meeting the demands that face us…….but, sometimes to just take the day off and play, is the perfect solution.

It is a really good idea, isn’t it? We don’t play enough. I call it my mentally healthy day. Sometimes, it is the simple saving grace, from the stresses of our day-to-day-activities. Living in today’s world we can become over-booked, over-amped, challenges, and face struggles that can become all consuming. In the process of living life….we forget about ourselves.

Today, while I was sitting there thinking…..it came to me  – Lesli’s Story –  is not just one continuing story  traveling along the same path. It is ever changing.  My path has taken me to places unimaginable, meeting amazing people along the way – enriching my life with their stories of wisdom, knowledge of the heart, and giving me the gifts of new adventures, and experiences. I have found my own inner-place of personal comfort. With this comes a quiet tranquility, the ability to spend time alone, and enjoying its peaceful stillness.  Perhaps, the wisdom that age brings –  allows us that freedom and recognition!

I am always changing even when I am standing still…….

or sitting in my red Adirondack chair gazing at the clouds as they drift lazily by on their own journey. Living life is about change and forging new roads along your own path. We are not just one story or identified by one event…….we are the blending of everything that makes up our own history. We are, indeed, our own Encyclopedia Britannia! Isn’t that a really fun thought!

Just imagine, writing a HUGE volume on all the things you are, have encountered, experienced, given to others, received, the fullness in your heart, all that you have shared, and how deeply you have loved. Each and every book would be uniquely different with an interesting story to tell.

We are all as individual as each single grain of sand on the stunningly serene shores of  Durley Door in England.  We are filled with amazing and intricate facets that sparkle brightly as the sun warmly smiles down on us. We are limitless in our potential. Unstoppable in our abilities to do great things, to make a difference, to stand tall, proud, and have our voices heard.

We are strong……even in all the everyday things we do. Strength comes in all shapes, sizes, manner, and is expressed differently. And yet, it is in all of us…sometimes untapped until needed.

Your strength is always there…. immeasurable, ready, and steadfast….even if you don’t know it. Take the time to become reacquainted with yourself. Breathe in your own life’s energies. Be in your own moment.

Celebrate all that you are.

Every Day Is A Gift……..and YOU are one of them!




Durley Door Photograph

Montage of Lesli Moore Dahlke

Courtesy David William Gibbons


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