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Strength Comes In All Forms

17 October

Ever think about strength? It comes in countless ways, unexpected, can catch you off guard, and even full of  surprises sometimes. But, our own strength – even if untested – is within us waiting for that call to action. Inner strength is powerful and profound.

Strength is everywhere. You just need to know you can do anything.

Superman with his “faster than a speeding bullet” never wavers!

Mt. Rushmore stands in steadfast granite solitude.

YOUR own strength is a living testimony of the human spirit! We can be strong all day long for others, but, turning the focus on ourselves is a different thing.

Finding your own depths of untapped courage and fortitude is remarkable. It might even surprise you. Inner strength is quiet, sleeping peacefully, until your “command center” tells you it’s high alert…….you are needed!

That’s when the power of the heart comes into play.

That’s real strength.

Just over two months ago, my husband, Arnie, underwent catastrophic spinal surgery – it was risky. It was unexpected. It caught us off guard, stunning us into silence and contemplation of what to do. It was impossible to imagine. It was impossible to comprehend.

He has never been sick a day in his life. He takes no medication, he is a brainy-ack, and he works full time – actually 7 days a week. Nothing happens to Arnie.

He is the silent sentinel who has stood watch over me through three cancers, numerous treatments, countless challenges and struggles.

Simply put……”He’s just Arnie!” Ever-steady, ever-even-as-can-be, and Mr. Easy-Peas-y.

Now, it was my turn to power up the “strength-mobile.”  I wasn’t sure I was up to the task. Being vulnerable is part of life. But, me actually admitting my own vulnerability is a road-less traveled, and a place I never go. It is raw and filled with emotions layered on by experiences rarely shared.

But, this was the time to pull out all the stops. It was the time to reach down and access all the energies of my own healing strength and share it with Arnie.

Remarkably his surgery was a masterpiece of success. His recovery nothing less than completely astounding. Having withstood traumatic surgery, painstaking rehabilitation and regaining his own strength – he was back home after a of month of grueling physical and mental efforts – even Hercules would find it difficult in handling! But, Arnie’s quiet determination, inner peace, and life force made it as easy as a “Sunday Morning!”

Arnie stood by me every second of my journey through health challenges. Always strong, supportive, and lovingly there to listen.

It was my honor to offer mine to him. Unwavering, unconditional, and without hesitation.

A lifetime of love returned. I say with love and affection….and a tad of my notoriously famous humor…….



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