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Coping With Uncertainty

01 April

What does isolation feel like?

The word itself conjures up a sense of discomfort; a feeling that something is or has happened, and outside our comfort zone. And that translates to the realization our lives instantly are out of our control. With the loss of control ….fear comes to visit.

As human beings it is our nature to gather with others, share experiences, make memories together, and enjoy the sheer simplicity of “being” with those we love. These times of loving are more precious; because, like breathing, we do it without thinking. Being close is a very important part of us, and imperative to our healthy survival. We need to be together and have our hearts nurtured.

When those circles of comfort are taken away suddenly our own personal world is tilted on its axis. Our Universe not only just got smaller it became divided.  All that seemed familiar and safe, a blink of an eye ago, is shattered right from under our feet. We no longer feel grounded and suddenly at loose ends.

We all perceive the world through the experiences, memories, and filters seen though our own eyes. The ability to move freely has been severely altered as our freedoms are compromised with the evolution of the COVID19 Virus.  Our daily lives have come crashing down around us as the threat ramps up.

We are living in very uncertain and difficult times and with it comes overwhelming and extraordinary stress. It begins a cycle that envelopes us with feelings of losing our own identity.

Uncertain Times Causes Stress

Living under these “forced” conditions will inevitably produce stresses which are a normal feeling. For many, stress is unfamiliar. However, it is impossible not to be affected in some way. Natural to experience some form of stress, depression, a sense of loss, and numerous emotions during these months of not knowing.

Unfortunately, at times, many of us will be “all over the board” emotionally under these extraordinary surreal times.

You are not alone.

How do we deal with the uncertainty of an unseen vicious-virulent-virus? Strange as it seems, the virus that we can’t see, define, or comprehend isn’t our first line threat. It is ourselves. The truth is, the mental “loop” we do in our heads, can be the daily challenge that we need to leap over with our own strength.

“Oh, Lesli,” you say, “get serious for a moment. “How is that even possible under these restrictive times?”

I, understand, achingly so.

I look out the window and see my neighbors walking their precious canine companions. I want to go out, feel the sunshine on my face as I walk the fields, or simply drive to the grocery store! Any normal activity would be welcomed.

An easy first step that helps with the unnatural status of being shut off from our daily lives is to establish a routine.

Get up at the same time each day. Shower or take a luxuriously bath. Leave the pajamas for the end of the day with its cozy nights comforts. After your shower dress nicely as if you were going someplace. After all, you are going to be “traveling” from one room to another! Look your best….just for YOU.

Most importantly, stay grounded. This is a good technique that might help with the anxiety of being isolated. Put both feet on the floor – preferably without shoes and feel, really, feel the floor underneath your feet. Be aware of every toe, wiggle them, as you alert all your senses to that moment.

Come in contact with the “solid” feeling of your body being connected to this immovable place with its textures, the tactile sensations you feel, and the sheer bliss of connection to your environment.

It is critical to allow yourself to be in that place for that moment. A sense of calm will flow into your body and ease your mind.

Your brain can only deal with one thing at a time……this simple two minute “holiday” will stop your mind-spinning out of your control and will bring your focus back to being centered.

Sounds too simple during this time of crises, I know. Placing your feet on the floor? That’s somehow going to stop the chaos all around?

Certainly not. But, if we can control one thing at a time it can help as we move through this uncharted journey. Simple, yes, but, it does work. I do it several times a day.

The most important personal wisdom I can pass along is make YOURSELF the priority – even if its unfamiliar territory. You need to be the focus during this time of crises. We rarely put ourselves first. This is the time to nurture yourself – forget the idea it would be self-centered or selfish.

Just the opposite! When we are strong and empowered we are healthy to fight whatever comes our way. Take care of yourself each and everyday.

Rest as much as you possibly can, relax, drink fluids until to think your eyeballs are floating, keep your sense of humor, make the time to read, get a coloring book and drift away into all the magnificent colors, and stream a new dishy series from Netflix you haven’t felt you could take the time to watch.

Get twenty minutes of fresh air everyday and enjoy the warmth of the sun on your face. Breathe in life.

Love yourself. Embrace every minute of this day. You are as unique as every snowflake that falls in New England. You are as unique as every grain of sand that graces us with the sea’s serenity and peace.

Hug a little longer, love a little deeper, be open to all that your heart is capable of.

I think of my heart as “stretchy,” it has no limits on loving and embracing all those I love. It’s a beautiful place these hearts of our. Open yours as wide as the majestic Grand Canyon. See what gifts you receive.

Take care of yourself and all those you love. Be ever vigilant. Stay inside your homes.

Know the uncertainty is felt by all. We will make it through this. Draw on your own strength – it is immeasurable.

Strength comes in all forms; it is quiet, it is ready and willing, and it is yours to draw on. When times seem the darkest is when we are the strongest.

With Love To All,


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