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Insurmountable Is Just A Word

26 June

Today, I was reminded of a powerful and timely quote by Eleanor Roosevelt.

Eleanor Roosevelt was an extraordinary and wise woman – often overlooked in today’s modern world. I admire her greatly for her strength, understanding of the human spirit, and the straightforward way she saw the world. She is a hero of mine.

These are simple words of wisdom with immeasurable insight into the human spirit.

“You gain strength, courage, and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

You are able to say to yourself, I’ve lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along. You must do the things you think you cannot do”

I have thought a lot about these words in the past several days.

I am struggling.

This is a new destination on a long journey that I have navigated so successfully. It is unfamiliar and brings a sense of dis-ease to me.

It is difficult to admit this new state of personal uncertainty. It is unfamiliar, unwelcome, and here to overcome.

I am thought of as strong, independent, always climbing the mountain carrying the flag for others, and filled with endless positive spirit.

All of that is true….and, yet, I am vulnerable, raw, and afraid. It turns out…..I am just like everyone else! Of course, I have known this all along. This is the private me….rarely shared. I share this now in the hope my struggle shines a light on others who need understanding of what they are going through.

Every experience we have makes up the mosaic that is “us.” We are as unique and individual as each and every grain of sand. As we travel life’s journey we build tapestries that are filled with “our” own experiences that only we know the depth of. Each challenge we face is a “separate” struggle.

Whatever the challenge, it has to be felt, met with determination, strength, and the ability to overcome any obstacle placed before us.

Lesli’s Story has been documented and told, perhaps, too many times over the years. It is my story of cancer, survival, and thriving. Always trying to live life to its fullest and be in this moment.

With this familiarity comes a type of numbing immune response……”Oh, you’ve been through so much, this will be easy for you!“ “You’ve known so much pain over the years, you can do this without pain pills and standing on your head!” “Lesli, you’re the Warrior of all time, you can handle this.” And, the most difficult one of them all….no response or acknowledgement at all.

The specifics of my most difficult of all physical challenge and struggle aren’t important. I will meet every obstacle with determination, patience, and be triumphant. Because that is what I do! There are no hurdles too high, no pain unconquerable, to meet head on and succeed.

Each of us travels the path set out before us. We don’t know the destination, it is the journey, that is the gift we are given. Understanding, empathy, and sharing one another’s experiences are some of life’s most precious treasures. The human spirit is immeasurable in its capacity to reach out and connect.

Whatever you may be going through, or a friend, a family member or someone you love…..this I know for sure, anything and everything is possible. Every step forward is a new path you are creating for yourself.

There is nothing insurmountable. There are only opportunities, new exciting challenges to embrace, and something waiting for you just around the corner. Life is a gift……how wonderful to see what’s next to unwrap!

The Best Is Yet To Be…..

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