An Inspirational Story of Life and Joy

The Best Is Yet to Come Book - 3dAn Inspirational Story of Life and Joy

Some routes are more challenging and difficult to navigate. We often feel isolated. Alone. No one could ever understand our struggle. This is my life’s story.

“Reading (this book) makes you feel like you are sitting with a good friend, having coffee, and you don’t want to leave because you are having such a good time!” – Heather

“A most exhilarating journey that is Lesli Moore Dahlke’s life. From the glamour of Hollywood to the strains of 1970s Vietnam and her eventual battle with cancer. Lesli is unafraid to tell her story the way she sees it from her heart and soul. This is a no-holds barred affair, complete with love, laughter, loss and despair, a thoroughly inspirational tale.” – Tarquin Namaste Author

“In its entirety The Best Is Yet To Come presents an exhilarating story. The delicate balance in expressing pain, courage and personal victory, all displayed in the face of such challenging circumstances, is immeasurable and unique. In my many years as a literary historian and reader of many thousands of books, this one will forever remain in my mind. The author has caught my breath as an individual who everyone should know and guide their own lives by, for the supreme life example she has led with fortitude and grace.” – David William Gibbons International Broadcaster, Transitional Strategist, Historian and Writer


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