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24 February

This morning, as I was dressing for the day, I noticed something I think is a singularly human peculiarity. I am right handed. When I put on my pants, slacks, trousers, or any two-legged piece of clothing, I always place my right leg in first. It is just a silly observation to start the day […]


08 February

The CAT: Feline, bobcat, cheetah, cougar, grimalkin, jaguar, kitten, kitty, leopard, lion, lynx, malkin, mouser, ocelot, panther, puma, puss, pussy, tabby, tiger, tom, tomcat, feline animal, and a domesticated pet. These are merely definitions from a book. Not from the hearts of  cat owners. Any cat owner will have their own set of words to […]

She toured Vietnam with USO, now shares vets’ cancer battle

11 November

By Susan Abram, Staff Writer @   She began her journey alone, armed only with mountains of documents, photographs, maps and letters that she thought proved the rare cancers she suffered from were linked to chemical exposure during the Vietnam War. But for much of the two years Lesli Moore Dahlke has battled the federal government for […]

Life is Not All Hard Edges

05 September

(ENNIS, Mt.) – Many of our readers know me through my writing here at about my plight, challenges and struggles with Agent Orange exposure. I unknowingly received extensive exposure during Christmas 1970 in Vietnam during a USO Tour. I value the support I have received from many of our read­ers. I appreciate the comments— […]