The Best Is Yet to Come Podcast Series

montage-column2The Best Is Yet To Come – The little book of hope and inspiration has become a weekly series!

David William Gibbons and I, have begun a new broadcast series-journey bringing insights into the human condition and society, as we set out to explore my book, The Best Is Yet To Come.”

It is with great pleasure; I am joined by David Williams Gibbons, a Social Historian, Transitional Strategist, Broadcaster, Writer and Filmmaker for this landmark series. We will celebrate life and all of its richness during the long term series. We will travel through the golden days of our youth – a time of innocence a time of great hope and opportunities.

This as our guide, our times together will always present a positive, upbeat and heartfelt program as we travel this journey together.

Two friends so different……. Lesli born and raised in Southern California in the shadow of the Hollywood sign, David raised in the magnificent countryside of England in the shadow of Stonehenge……it is a pairing of great juxtaposition.

Please join us as we travel back to the times of our youth, exploring the celebration of life, and travel together on this remarkable path.

We explore the life and times of the days past, the courage of meeting challenges, and living a life filled with the love of life itself — it is always a celebration.

Join us for this amazing series, as together; we say…”The Best Is Yet To Come!” For the current Episode and all Episodes in The Series, please visit:

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