The Best Is Yet to Come (eBook)

26 February


Some routes are more challenging and difficult to navigate. We often feel isolated. Alone. No one could ever understand our struggle. This is my life’s story.

“Reading (this book) makes you feel like you are sitting with a good friend, having coffee, and you don’t want to leave because you are having such a good time!” – Heather



THE BEST IS YET TO COME is an enjoyable adventure of my life, from birth to the current day. It is filled with surprising laughter, and raw honesty, as well as unimaginable struggles and challenges along the way.

As an 18-year-old girl, I was exposed to the cacogenic chemical, Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War. Traveling with the USO under the auspices of the US Army, my life was unknowingly altered for life. Devastatingly, years later, I developed three life-taking cancers from that Christmas trip of 1970.

My story is always encouraging with the enormity of spirit and determination. I fight the monolithic bureaucracy of the United States while always sharing lightheartedness.

To me, life is a glorious kaleidoscope. It is a continually changing pattern of shapes and colors. Experiences build the foundation of who I am. During my lifetime, a mountain of memories have gathered and supported the structure of my life.

Life is like an onion. It is a big beautiful, purple, sweet onion with layer upon layer of complexity. Peel away one layer and there is something beautiful on that level. Keep peeling. The deeper you go, the more you have a bundle of sweet layers, each with its distinctive shape and personality! There is so much more than what is obvious on the surface.

I have had three cancers. Two of my cancers are currently active. They are along for the ride with me daily, and are sharing this adventure we call life. But, they are only part of my life and its story. Cancer has taught me and given me an immediacy of life. It is a sideline gift.

However, cancer is only one part of me.  It is a single event that shapes and colors my life. It is a chapter within a bigger story. But, it is NOT the whole story.

I am still the person I was before cancer came to me. My heart is always filled with how great life is, and I am always grateful to be me.

Please come along with me on this unusual life’s story. Enjoy the beauty and challenges of all that life can be. I am delighted to have you along as company.

293 pages

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