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What Is Veteran’s Day?

07 November
My Daddy Veteran WWII

What really is Veterans Day? It isn’t just another “day off”…….So, what do we actually know about this important day? Veterans Day gives Americans the opportunity to celebrate the bravery and sacrifice of all U.S. veterans.  Every family in America has someone they know who served this country….at some point in history. It is a […]

The Depths of Love

29 March
Nature's Treasures

I have always been loved. When I was a child, I was unconditionally loved by my parents who I adored. The greatest of blessings from this wonderful and generous place called the heart is a gift more precious than anything imaginable. The heart holds all the riches. My heart has been filled to immeasurable abundance. […]

The Silence Of Loss

16 October
CU blosoms flowering_plum1

The loss of a loved one is so very silent. It is felt in your heart as loudly as a roaring freight train. And, yet, in so many other ways, it is as quiet, and still as the darkest of nights. Loss is deep and personal. It is felt differently by each and every one […]